Hello world, I'm Andy.

I'm a world traveller wannabe.

My long-term goal is to wrap my Horse Racing and IT consultancy business around each other and travel the world. As long as I can place my bets on my travels, I'm happy.

I have a keen interest in horse racing systems, algorithms, the built in dynamics of racing and betting on races others may leave well alone.

I'm 33, married to the love of my life Alice Living in the big city, for now, looking forward to our next adventure.

My wife enjoys days out at the races, but she isn't a big bettor like I am. Although I've never seen anyone happier when she picked a winner at Newmarket one year.

My daily grind is working in IT; I won't bore you with the details of my daily workload. Computer security is a big part of my life, almost as much as racing. I'm freelance now which has brought me some terrific opportunities. My idea to go freelance a few years ago allowed me to set myself a full day of race study. Usually a Friday.

As much as I do enjoy visits to the racecourse, I can't think of anything better than watching my horses run their races while I'm sitting on a sun lounger working remotely from the comfort of my laptop.

I suppose I'm not alone having such thoughts.

For me having my beautiful Dell laptop at my fingertips working away, has given me the freedom to engage with clients while running my Creeper System (more on that later).

Lucky for me my wife Alice knows horse racing is my real passion. She is a hairdresser.

From next year we are going to be splitting our time between living in Majorca half the year and a half back here in the UK.

It's far enough away to feel away. Close enough to London should I need to see clients face to face. Although a few have already said, they don't mind flying over to see me, which came as a shock, NOT.

We own a lovely apartment in a quiet part of Majorca, and apart from a few work commitments holding us back until June, we are more or less ready to jet off.

My wife managed to secure a chair at one of her friend's salons with one of her friends in a hotel. I think she had this move all planned before we even went over to see her friend last summer.

Some people might be wondering why I'm offering the opportunity to allow my Creeper selections to the general public. It seems only fair that I answer by saying I don't need to do so.

I want to...

A few of my friends have encouraged it, and they have all given me the thumbs up in regards to how my system works, the number of bets it produces, (which is very manageable), and how it goes under the bookie radar. So my system has been field-tested with real punters. However, I'm still going to offer a free trial.

I recently saw a system showing video betting results "saying nobody else does this" or shows videos of their Betfair account, and I thought well I can match that Mr. I'm looking forward to showing you more very soon.