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    Creeper Results - January-2018-To January 2019

    When you click the link to download the file you will receive my results file spanning back to January 2018. The file shows level flat staking and also 1% compounding commission.

    Please use the tab at the top to also download the retirement staking plan FREE of charge.

Here you can download my results since January 2018. I have been very organised since the new year 2018 with my results keeping and because of this i can provide a full results file stemming back all the way to January 1st 2018. As you will see I posted a loss of around 14 points in February 2018 which really annoyed me as it was my first ever losing month. I’ve also had to post a loss of 62 points in January 2019. February 2019 has started well however with a 3+ point profit with not much racing.