Here is a video for betting on 15th and 16th November. +17.42 Points profit to BSP mins 5% commission.

November 15th -16th results are as follows.

  • Selections: 14
  • Winners: 3
  • Average Odds: 11.86 BSP
  • Strike Rate: 21.42%
  • Points Profit/Loss: +17.42 (-5% Betfair Commission Included)


Your trial running total is +200.68 Points profit in 52 days of betting activity. Remember the results I am recording are to BSP so my own Betfair results on my statements are different as I sometimes/always take a price earlier in the day.

I also took an image from my account.



I was going to invite another 10 free trial users on 9th November but decided to wait until around the 20th November where I am likely invite a further 50-75 new members. Until then I am going to keep a close eye on the average odds and liquidity etc…

Make sure you are on the trial waiting list for the 20th of November where I am going to add another 50-75 users to the trial. [Click Here]

Your buddy,



Please check the results file in the Results tab at the top of the page, you will see the running 1% compounding stake results up to date. You can also use the retirement staking plan.

[Retirement Staking Plan FREE Here]– You can get the paid software version but some members just use the FREE version.

    36 replies to "The Creeper System Live Trial – 15th-16th November Results Update!"

    • Avatar jules

      Thanks for offering the trial.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Jules, no problem, hope you are enjoying the blog also. Andy

    • Avatar Graham

      When can i buy this and how much ?

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Graham, you can’t buy (no price yet) or join at the moment. Andy

    • Avatar dilly dilly

      winners over 10/1 are good for me haha

    • Avatar Wyatt

      ADD ME to the buyers list please defo want in.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        You are on the list but it will be first come first serve when I go live Wyatt. Andy

    • Avatar Bigdave

      Brilliant , so happy i got in early with you andy, cheers.

    • Avatar leeboy69

      chomping at the bit now mate

    • Avatar Cam

      No way am i missing out on this one . qwack that . how many are you planning on letting join creeper andy?

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Cam, between 100 – 150 depending if I see any effect on market liquidity. Andy

    • Avatar Benzo

      keep up the good work count me in for a spot

    • Avatar Doc

      Andy do you have a price in mind for us to join ?

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Doc, not yet no I will let you all know soon. Andy

    • Avatar Sonny

      buzzing buzzing buzzing can’t wait for this 🙂 hope it’s not expensive.

    • Avatar Bosshog

      Good bets and good odds range, nice work andy

    • Avatar Nick

      Already withdrawn my original stakes and playing with someones elses money now thank you Andy and thank you BETFAIR Losers

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Nick, that’s the best way to do it. Andy

    • Avatar Issac

      Good bets last two days. @loyd you would have cried if you had paper traded lol

    • Avatar Antonio

      I have won again wishing to join very soon

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Antonio, I will see what I can offer you soon. Andy

    • Avatar MAC


    • Avatar Lloyds

      I’m famous hee hee don’t tell everyone my secrets Andy.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Lloyd, well I couldn’t leave you out. Just goes to show some punters sit on the fence and miss out while others take a leap of faith and clean up. Andy.

    • Avatar Ginger Elf

      Impressive tips these, managed to get to the bookies thursday n friday they have started giving me funny looks when i get my bets on lol cant beat taking their money they cant stand paying out.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Ginger, ha that’s the way. You will have to be careful not to get barred. Andy

    • Avatar Kilo

      laughing all the way to the bank let us know when can join.

    • Avatar Patrick

      im checking the blog any chance i get in case i miss out

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Patrick, best to stay tuned, I will be sending you emails as well though. Andy

    • Avatar Super Kenny

      (Super Duper) 🙂 I”m a fan

    • Avatar Carl

      Andy how best can I make sure I get a place when this opens ?

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Carl, watch your email like a hawk I would suggest. You should see the number of emails I have to handle from people who are not posting comments. Andy

    • Avatar Wyatt

      Thank you for the videos as well as the horses Andy.

    • Avatar Richard

      More winners in the betting bank thank you andy, when are you planning to launch ? and will I be guaranteed a place?

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Richard, excellent news. No guarantee on spaces when I go live sorry. Andy

    • Avatar danny

      Come on andy keep them coming top man

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