Hi all, yesterday we welcomed another 53 Trial members. I am not going to name them all! I will be adding another 10 tomorrow with a bit of luck.

So the 7 days went extraordinary well. +31.42 Points profit over the course of the week.

No massive winners this week but we did get 3-4 above 10.00 BSP.

November 15th -21st results are as follows.

  • Selections: 43
  • Winners: 9
  • Average Odds: 10.27 BSP
  • Strike Rate: 20.93%
  • Points Profit/Loss: +31.42  (-5% Betfair Commission Included)


Your trial running total is +214.68 Points profit in 57 days of betting activity. Remember the results I am recording are to BSP so my own Betfair results on my statements are different as I sometimes/always take a price earlier in the day.


Make sure you are on the trial waiting list for the 20th of November where I am going to add another 50-75 users to the trial. [Click Here]

Your buddy,



Please check the results file in the Results tab at the top of the page, you will see the running 1% compounding stake results up to date. You can also use the retirement staking plan.

[Retirement Staking Plan FREE Here]– You can get the paid software version but some members just use the FREE version.

    17 replies to "The Creeper System Live Trial – 15th – 21st November 2018"

    • Avatar Womble

      I wud b happy with that as a month profit never mind a week 😉

    • Avatar Moffat

      Newbie and a happy one so far so good , when are you selling this ?

    • Avatar Ginger Elf

      Nice work andy 200 plus points from the start impressive in my book

    • Avatar danny

      average odds and strike rate doin the biz

    • Avatar Justin

      Only playing with small stakes taking things as they come, lets get on.

    • Avatar baz

      Haven’t missed too many winners have I cheers andy for the chance here

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Baz, do you want the good news or the bad news lol Good news you are here now the bad news yes you have missed a stack of winners lol sorry. Andy

    • Avatar AKA

      what time do the bests get sent out

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Aka, soon as you log into the member’s area you will see the selections early morning. Andy

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi AKA, could have sworn I had replied to your comment. 7 am once you log in to the member’s area the bets will be waiting for you. Andy

    • Avatar Man O Man

      Hello everyone, looking for some betting salvation from this chap

    • Avatar Paul

      Staking advice?

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Paul, I would say keep to what stakes you are used to or comfortable with, break your bank into 200 points this allows for peace of mind, you should never need that much but it will help you long term. Decide on what you wish to bet per point, £2, £5, £10, £20 you get the idea. Slow and steady is the name of the game, don’t suddenly bet £2 for a day then jump to £20 this is a terrible approach. Andy

    • Avatar fred

      Very interested in this. how many members are you allowing to join? as you are limiting us on the trial from what I see? will all trial members be saved a place if we want to join?

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Fred, see other comment posted above. Andy

    • Avatar lewis

      Hello to all, new to horse racing any advice, welcomed.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Lewis, take a good look around the blog and gain a feel for the type of bets I place and how many daily on average which I produce. Take note of the average odds and strike rates. Also, read some of the comments I have posted regarding staking that’s a good place to start. Andy

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