So the last 9 days were great for all members starting to close out the year. +41.24 Points profit

No massive winners the past 9 days but we did get 2 above 10.00 BSP.

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November 22nd – 30th results are as follows.

  • Selections: 53
  • Winners: 15
  • Average Odds: 12.58 BSP
  • Strike Rate: 28.30%
  • Points Profit/Loss: +41.24  (-5% Betfair Commission Included)


Your trial running total is +257.03 Points profit in 66 days of betting activity. Remember the results I am recording are to BSP so my own Betfair results on my statements are different as I sometimes/always take a price earlier in the day.


Please check the results file in the Results tab at the top of the page, you will see the running 1% compounding stake results up to date.

    15 replies to "The Creeper System Live Trial – 22nd – 30th November 2018"

    • Avatar Iain MacInnes

      Hoping i get one of the available places, if i do i’ll
      be opting for the evening delivery of bets

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Iain. Make sure you are on the Priority List mate as its almost full.


    • Avatar Sam

      Thumbs Up Andy. 40 plus points profit is nothing to be sniffed at. As a thrilled early trial members all I can say is GOOD LUCK to you and anyone who joins next week, I will be gladly doing so.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Sam, thank you, good to see you are sticking with me Monday 🙂 mad not to. Andy

    • Avatar Benzo

      I’ll take those anytime mate respect

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Benzo, nice one thanks. Andy

    • Avatar dilly dilly

      love your average odds all throughout the trial they have been impressive
      i will be joining monday

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Dilly, the odds range is very important long-term, anyone can place a bet on a favourite and yes we all know they do win races. But trying to make a long-term sustainable service only giving out favourites is not going to work. I search for value daily. Andy

    • Avatar Liam

      just happy i aint laying them mate hahaha

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Liam, you certainly don’t want to be laying Creeper selections. I’m still recovering from all your horror stories about laying over the years. Andy

    • Avatar Issac

      As we are coming to the end of the trial I would like to thank you for the opportunity Andy . I’ve made the best returns from you selections in this short space of time compared to the last five or six services I have tried.

    • Avatar Glenn Woodward

      just been looking over the results so far this year, very impressive. hoping i get one of the available places, if i do i’ll
      be opting for the evening delivery of bets

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Glenn, thank you Creeper is flying, as long as you are around Monday morning you should be right. I’ve had a few punters email in saying they prefer the evening option, I thought I would offer it as I’m one for taking any additional value from the odds if I can get it, so it just makes sense to a lot of others out there as well. Good choice. Andy

    • Avatar Richard

      Thanks again Andy, really enjoyed myself following along.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Richard, that is good to hear, onwards and upwards. Andy

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