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Hi guys a pretty laid back weekend and a very underwhelming +9.85 points profit. A profit is still a profit though… This was mainly down to the average odds of my selections this week . The ratings pulling in some lower prices this week which meant an increase in strike rate to 30%.

I aim to do better for you next week.

November 23rd – 25th results are as follows.

  • Selections: 20
  • Winners: 6
  • Strike Rate: 30%
  • Points Profit/Loss: +9.85 (-5% Betfair Commission Included)


Your trial running total is +236.26 Points profit in 61 days of betting activity. Remember the results I am recording are to BSP so my own Betfair results on my statements are different as I sometimes/always take a price earlier in the day.

I also took some images from my account. (Click Images For Big Version)





I added another 53 trial members on the 21st before racing and they have had a great start clocking in +33.39 points profit.

Make sure you are on the trial waiting list I am going to add another 10 users to the trial before the 26th November. [Click Here]

Your buddy,


P.s. Please check the results file in the Results tab at the top of the page, you will see the running 1% compounding stake results up to date. You can also use the retirement staking plan.

[Retirement Staking Plan FREE Here]– You can get the paid software version but some members just use the FREE version.

    36 replies to "The Creeper System Live Trial – 23rd – 25th November Results Update!"

    • Avatar Gary

      How will you be taking payment on the 3rd please ?

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Gary, through my payment processor, won’t be PayPal. All fully secure so don’t worry I recommend the same merchant to my clients at work. Andy.

    • Avatar Mike

      Well I am certainly going to try and give it a bash

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Cheers Mike 🙂

    • Avatar Mike

      I think Dave’s point is, if you are a trial member then you should have all or at least most of your first membership fee covered. So trial members are, in reality, getting a free trial and a cut price or free initial membership. That is certainly what I would have done.
      When you open the early waiting list please say how much membership is, how it will be paid, this will help us decide as once you start to pay that is basically a commision on your betting, this could well price a lot of small bettors out. It will also save you from time wastsers taking your time up and wasting places on the list.
      Personally I think people on trials should join the list same as everyone has to, and take there luck, but it is your to sell how you wish.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Mike, yes no doubt some trial members will have covered the cost, you could look at it as they took their chances with the trial and it did well. I will be sending out for an early bird list and you are correct trial members will have to join the list no special treatment they will have to take the chance on the day with everyone else. I think this is the only true way to make it fair. You are also correct about potential time wasters certainly don’t wish for any of those to join. Good luck though hope to see you more involved soon. Andy

    • Avatar Richard

      Hi Andrew you doing well with this i been looking at results all looking good my question is will you be doing
      an early bird list or just open straight to the public.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Richard you read my mind lol I will be doing an early bird list yes look out for the email. Andy

    • Avatar Dave

      Just seems to me that everyone who has managed a place on the trial will be in a better place “cash wise” than those who did not get a place.. when opened up for membership

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Dave, Sounds a little like sour grapes if I do say so Dave or are you just stating a fact 🙂 I can’t control how trial members are betting, but all will be in profit, some trial members have done a few doubles and trebles on the side as well. Andy

    • Avatar Denton Briglin

      Hi Andrew.
      Thanks for the update cannot wait for the 3rd December.
      Denton Briglin

    • Avatar danny

      Doing the biz mate

    • Avatar MAC


    • Avatar Super Kenny

      Keep up the work andy lad 🙂 us lot on the trial appreciate the effort.

    • Avatar Mike

      Is there anywhere showing comments/disussions from trial members?

    • Avatar Andrew Putney

      Hi Kev, no members are allowed to post selections, a few have tried and have been told if they do it again they will lose their place lol cheeky sods, (you know who you are). As I mentioned to Quinn I could not allow potentially thousands of punters betting the selections, it would kill the odds. This is worst-case scenario but it could happen. I don’t doubt some members are sharing via email with friends nothing I can do about that unless I find out lol When the service goes live on the 3rd I will release a batch of membership places all in one go (amount undecided yet) however by the interest in the trial launch via comments and emails I will make sure all punters who want in can decide to join. Obviously, the price I set for the launch will put many punters off and that’s ok. This doesn’t mean I’m going to purposely price people out from joining but I know a lot of punters won’t pay for a service such as this and many are simply freebie hunters. I will, however, set the price in accordance with how well the trial has gone but mostly from the effort it takes via my ratings to produce winning selections daily and of course, handle X amount of members moving forward. Andy.

    • Avatar Ivor

      Andy, do you have a price for the service yet? I have only bet using small stakes. As you know I’m topping up the pension coffers. I would find it helpful to know how much I will need to withdraw from my account to pay to join.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Ivor, good to hear your prepared. Just looking back to when you joined the trial, you should even with min stakes have enough to pay for the service come Dec 3rd 😉 Andy.

    • Avatar Andrew

      “Only 9 points profit in 3 days”. Average 3 points a day = 1,000 a year. That sounds pretty okay to me. If only I were in on the trial! 😭

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Andrew, thanks 🙂 Sorry you didn’t make the trial, only another week to wait until you can try for a membership place anyway. I will be releasing X amount of copies all at the same time. Andy

    • Avatar Pedro Barros

      Hello good afternoon! How to do free trial for 7 days thank you.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Pedro, if you have not received an email with login details then unfortunately you haven’t made the trial this time sorry. Andy

    • Avatar Ratty

      I’ve followed along for the last week people seem to be very positive about this and I have to say the selections and odds which you are backing is promising for a punter like myself who won’t touch favourite backing tipsters.

      I know favourite win races but I’ve been in this game long enough to understand that to sustain a regular strike rate alongside odds which stake up over time will produce long term profits even if you incur a losing run.

      The way most favourite backers fall down is that are relying on favourites winning a greater strike rate but if this doesn’t happen then it takes much longer to reclaim any losses. I view backing favourites in the same way as laying higher prices horses. A waste of time.

    • Avatar ALLAN

      Cost ? of the service.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Allan, not going to give that away until the day. I’m still working it all out. Andy.

    • Avatar Roger

      I understand there are no guarantees in betting Andy and I certainly wouldn’t expect you to give me one but is this going to be monthly or yearly memberships? The reason for my questions, is that after following a few tipsters who did ok I alway look at the long term view of making profits and to be using compounding stakes to increase my return on initial investment.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Roger, I will let you all know on the day. I’m not sure about the monthly yet I may offer this later. it’s more admin for me to do this and at the moment I’m not sure I have time. I would prefer for members to commit for longer than one month. You are correct to have a long-term view, hope that makes sense? Andy

    • Avatar leon

      is this going to be expensive to join

    • Avatar Quinn

      Any trial members want to email me the tips

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Quinn, sorry this is not allowed. If this were to happen and the Creeper blog tips were public can you imagine the effect on the betting odds? Thousands of potential punters all jumping on my selections. Hence why this is a trial to a controlled number of members. Once I open the doors Dec 3rd, and if you decided to join then you can log in and see for yourself. I will still be capping membership numbers, the interest so far has been massive. Cheers, Andy.

    • Avatar Luke

      had missing out when can I join Andy .

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Luke, you need to be on the trial, failing that you can join Dec 3rd. Cheers Andy

    • Avatar Franky

      when does this go for sale?

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Franky, December 3rd 9 am sharp. I’m expecting the places to fill quickly however the price may put a few punters off. Not all trial members will take places, the ones who have made the most money since we started are bound to join. Andy.

    • Avatar ray

      Bossing it 😉

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Thanks Ray certainly gone very well so far, another week and we can see the full trial come to an end. Andy

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