OMG everyone! What an amazing 7 days of betting and all for FREE on the trial. If your placing real money , you just made the subscription fee for when I go paid in a few weeks! I made that 113.50 Points at BSP! Unfortunately I didn’t make that many points myself as you will have seen on the Betfair statement I posted earlier on today. You see I regularly take a price on Betfair… Had I only left Bon Chic as BSP. It came in at a whopping 58 BSP. I got matched at 14.8 earlier in the day.

Don’t forget we also had Sayesse in the 7pm at Chelm on the 10th November. And YES I took BSP on my betfair account at 45.33 BSP!

November 8th -14th results are as follows.

  • Selections: 37
  • Winners: 10
  • Average Odds: 13.07 BSP
  • Strike Rate: 27.02%
  • Points Profit/Loss: +113.50  (-5% Betfair Commission Included)


Your trial running total is +183.26 Points profit in 50 days of betting activity. Remember the results I am recording are to BSP so my own Betfair results on my statements are different as I sometimes/always take a price earlier in the day.


I was going to invite another 10 free trial users on 9th November but decided to wait until around the 20th November where I am likely invite a further 50-75 new members. Until then I am goign to keep a close eye on the average odds and liquidity etc…

Make sure you are on the trial waiting list for the 20th of November where I am going to add another 50-75 users to the trial. [Click Here]

Your buddy,



Please check the results file in the Results tab at the top of the page, you will see the running 1% compounding stake results up to date. You can also use the retirement staking plan.

[Retirement Staking Plan FREE Here]– You can get the paid software version but some members just use the FREE version.

    17 replies to "The Creeper System Live Trial – 8th – 14th November 2018"

    • Avatar leeboy69

      Get IN Lumped on big time the last few days, im bloody enjoying this service top man andy

    • Avatar Yorkie

      I have taken a shine to you and your creeper service young man, finally someone who knows what he is doing. Best wishes and thank you.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Yorkie, I try, thank you. Andy

    • Avatar Bosshog

      QUALITY last few days struck the jackpot .

    • Avatar Lloyd

      I wasnt going to bet with money until after the trail but decided as I may not be able to afford the actual full time service I may as well put a few bob on. Glad I did now and maybe I will have enough to pay to be one of your full time members.

    • Avatar Patrick

      happy as a pig in shit lol

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Patrick lol. Andy

    • Avatar Graham

      Ever the sceptic but I take my hat off to you andy my betfair account is looking rosy once again

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Graham, nice to hear. Just keep doing what you are doing and don’t be tempted to do anything daft with your stakes, be like the Creeper system slow and steady and ride the wave. Andy

    • Avatar Cam

      Nailed it mate well done

    • Avatar Bigdave

      Cracked it andy very well done !

    • Avatar danny

      I bet some idiots are paper trading hahahah

    • Avatar Carl

      Definitely better than past services i have tried, congrats

    • Avatar Igor

      Top marks andy

    • Avatar MAC


      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Mac, I did tell you lol. Just good to see the system doing what it does really, its not a surpise to me but one of the reasons why I took the plunge to offer the trial was to share this with real punters like yourselves. Andy

    • Avatar Richard

      I have been waiting for a week like this not just since the creeper trial started but overall in my own betting, I cannot heap enough praise on you andy.

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