Hi all 40 trial members! Here is October results update.

1st October 2018 – 31st October 2018

  • Selections: 212
  • Winners 41
  • Average Odds: 13.22 BSP
  • Strike Rate: 19.34%
  • Points Profit/Loss: +32.01 (-5% Betfair Commission)

Your trial running total is +56.78 Points profit in first 36 days of your FREE LIVE Trial.

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Your buddy,


    9 replies to "The Creeper System Live Trial – October 2018 Update"

    • Avatar Cass

      yeh and the git used to want £50 quid put on for him I never bothered just as well cause the donkeys hardly even won which was a surprise as most was favourites.

    • Avatar Cass

      Looks quality buddy, plenty bets is good for me no good having just one or two horses a week like some shite tipsters i have had in the past. one of the fukcers used to send one horse a month so i binned him off tosspot.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Cass and welcome, thanks one does try rather hard lol. Yeh must have been a tipster who calls you up on the phone, was it? You are in safe hands now mate and plenty of bets to get your teeth stuck into.

    • Avatar leeboy69

      i will take feb off haha

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Lee, cheeky bastard lol. Andy

    • Avatar Super Kenny

      Looking forward to next january lol

    • Avatar MAC


    • Avatar Richard

      Slow and steady and then some huge months. BSP is excellent.

    • Avatar danny

      Strikerate and the average odds are impressive here andy

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