Hi all Andy here, Ive added around 50 new members today. I was overwhelmed with over 350 trying to get in to the free trial. I have had some right abusive emails come through to me. Unreal!

Anyway I want to extend my welcome out to everyone, whether you’re getting the selections each day as a LIVE trial member or waiting for a trial space or waiting on the outside WELCOME.

I will be working on posting the results form the last week soon 15th – 21st November after todays racing.

I assume all free trial members now have access to the selection area. Click Member Login at the top of this page and login with the details i sent you,

Your buddy,




    26 replies to "Welcome To All New Members"

    • Avatar byanose

      i hate to lose so dont let me down lollol

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Byanose, I doubt any of us enjoy losing, but in this sport, we have to realise it is a possibility. We must narrow the field and turn the odds in our favour as much as possible without losing the value in our bets we place. I will try my best to keep you on the winning side. Andy

    • Avatar Cool hand luke

      I have arrived missed the boat earlier. Looks decent.

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Cool Hand Luke, glad you made it have a good look around. Andy

    • Avatar Brian

      Impress me mate and if the price is right ill join

    • Avatar Alex D

      Alex D LOST my log in details mate please send again thanks

    • Avatar Nobby

      NEVER miss a loser thats for sure @baz lol

    • Avatar Hugo

      First selections best of luck everyone

    • Avatar lg


    • Avatar Iain B


    • Avatar bet warrior

      Is this just jumps bets?

      • Avatar Andrew Putney

        Hi Bet Warrior, no I cover Flat racing also. Thanks for taking the trial. Andy

    • Avatar BenJ

      hi all

    • Avatar Jeff

      GO Andy send your ponies my way

    • Avatar Hunter

      Finally Im in, hello all great to be joining the trial looks the dogs bollocks 🙂

    • Avatar Road Runner

      Get ya tips out meep meep

    • Avatar Drew

      cant log in mate

    • Avatar Perry

      Missed out on the trial first round, made it this time haha

    • Avatar Vic

      Andy could you send me more details for what I can expect from this trial.

    • Avatar Ollie

      wats the beef lads managed to nick me a place here

    • Avatar eddie r

      got me on the hook good luck to new trial memebrs

    • Avatar Robin

      how much do you recommend we place on selections, and how many bets can i expect daily? thanks for the trial

    • Avatar Liam

      you dont do any laying do you mate?

    • Avatar jake

      hi andy, I made it 🙂

    • Avatar graham till

      Hi Andy I am in thanks for the opportunity

    • Avatar Andrew Putney

      Hi everyone.

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